Zebra Athletics Australia MMA Range.

When it comes to MMA Flooring, Padding, Racks, Rigs, MMA Cages for your Gym, Zebra Athletics sets the standard that other follow. Let us show you how and why Zebra Athletics is the worlds best product to secure your gyms future and member comfort.

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Date Posted: 23 February 2015  

Test results for Zebra Pro Series Mats, Rollout and Puzzle Mats Concerned about the safety of MMA and Martial Arts competitors Zebra, “The leader in fight sport innovation” wanted to know if the leading MMA approved mats met their high safety and performance standards. A nationally known, independent testing laboratory recently tested the Zebra Pro Series™ MMA Mat, the Rollout style Mat, and the Zebra Puzzle Mat™ to measure how they performed when it came to mat durability and shock absorption. Here are the results. Test 1 In the first test, evaluating durability, the testing company systematically ...

Zebra Heavy Bags are made in the USA with a specially made Hybrid Vinyl, Heavy-Duty Reinforced Stitching, and stuffed to perfection. All bags feature the Zebra logo and come in 100lb / 45kg weight. All Zebra Punching / Kicking Bags include chains, swivels and snap hooks and ready to hang. ...

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