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Date Posted: 23 February 2015  

Test results for Zebra Pro Series Mats, Rollout and Puzzle Mats Concerned about the safety of MMA and Martial Arts competitors Zebra, “The leader in fight sport innovation” wanted to know if the leading MMA approved mats met their high safety and performance standards. A nationally known, independent testing laboratory recently tested the Zebra Pro Series™ MMA Mat, the Rollout style Mat, and the Zebra Puzzle Mat™ to measure how they performed when it came to mat durability and shock absorption. Here are the results. Test 1 In the first test, evaluating durability, the testing company systematically ...

Zebra Athletics Judo Mats have set the standard for the past 20 years. Made in Germany to the highest standards these have been tried and test in many national and international competitions, world championships and dojos alike. There are many Judo mats on the market but there is only one Zebra Judo Mat that ticks all the right boxes. With a 10 year limited warranty, up to 20 year life expectancy these mats will absorb your impact, protect your body and help sustain or increase your gym attendences by providing a safer playing enviroment. Zebra Judo Mats offer a 240kg/m3 rating one of the highest tested and proven mats on the market. Dont just chance it, train with confidence. ...

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