Zebra Mat Test Results

Date Posted:23 February 2015 

Proving once again that Zebra Mats are the Best

Test results for Zebra Pro Series Mats, Rollout and Puzzle Mats

Concerned about the safety of MMA and Martial Arts competitors Zebra, “The leader in fight sport innovation” wanted to know if the leading MMA approved mats met their high safety and performance standards.

A nationally known, independent testing laboratory recently tested the Zebra Pro Series™ MMA Mat, the Rollout style Mat, and the Zebra Puzzle Mat™ to measure how they performed when it came to mat durability and shock absorption. Here are the results.


Test 1

In the first test, evaluating durability, the testing company systematically pounded mats for 5,000 cycles with a ram-head adjusted to replicate a 200-lb load. Measurements were taken every thousand cycles to determine percentage change in the firmness of the mat. As the report explained, “A negative change indicates a softening of the mat, while a positive change indicates the mat has become firmer.”

After 5,000 cycles, the Rollout style Mat measured a -22.1% change, the Zebra Puzzle Mat™ measured a -15.6% change, and the Zebra Pro Series™ MMA Mat measured a +3.5% change. Translation? The Zebra Pro Series™ Mat saw no measureable loss of integrity and firmness, the Zebra Puzzle Mat™ lost 15.6% of its integrity and firmness the Rollout style mat lost 22.1% of its integrity and firmness.


Test 2

In the second test, assessing the safety of two of the mats, a headform simulating the size and weight of a competitor’s head was dropped from a height of 6 feet onto the Zebra and Rollout style mats. During each drop, an accelerometer measured peak g-force. The lower the peak g-force, the more g-force the mat absorbed each drop, and the less the headform bounced. Both attributes are key to competitor safety.

In 6 tests, the Rollout style Mat measured an average of 514.5 Gs, while the Zebra Pro Series™ MMA Mat measured an average of 217.6 Gs — meaning the Zebra Pro Series™ MMA Mat absorbed twice as much shock as the Rollout style Mat.