About Us


We Bring Dreams to Life


It’s not just a dojo or gym or studio. A training center is a very personal space. A place where passions are shared, skills are taught, and life lessons are learned. A place where dreams are conceived and realized. A place you are proud to call your own. Zebra helps make it all happen.



Highest Quality Standards

When it comes to materials, manufacturing and safety, Zebra strives to set the bar at the highest level possible. We go the extra mile to ensure that everything we design, produce and install performs and lasts beyond expectations.


Unequaled Customer Care

From the finest detail of the largest gym, to the biggest concern of the smallest studio, the Zebra team draws on decades of personal and professional experience to build the relationships that help our customers succeed in every corner of their facility.


Unique Custom Capabilities

Our custom design, manufacturing and print capabilities combine with our wide product selection to help make every space as unique as its owner. From floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, Zebra can make every inch of your space state of the art and just the way you dreamed it could be.

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