Zebra FiT

Zebra FiT

Whether you are looking to outfit your entire facility or simply looking for a specific piece of fitness training equipment, rest assured Zebra Athletics only makes and carries the highest quality products which have been specifically designed for each training application. Zebra Athletics - Train with Confidence! With over eighteen years of experience in outfitting MMA, Martial Arts and Yoga facilities, Zebra Athletics can assist you with everything from concept and design to complete installation. Zebra Athletics is your one-stop shop for all your facility needs. Zebra Athletics takes pride in having the best customer service in the industry right from the initial call all the way until the product is delivered and installed into your facility. Come experience the Zebra Athletics difference.

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All Gyms need cleaning but not all cleaners and cleaning products are made the same way. Zebra Athletics cleaning solutions can help cut down your cleaning time allowing you to kill germs, sanitise and deoderize your gym efficiently and effectively, while cutting down your water consumption, cleaning chemicals and precious staff time. ...

Zebra Athletics Mat Accessories. Complete your training area with the missing pieces to ensure the highest level of safety. Everything from Tatami Mat Tapes to Mat Holding Tapes and more. ...

Tough, Easy, Affordable Gym Flooring. Zebra Athletics Weight Room Puzzle Tiles are made from heavy-density, recycled rubber to stand up to the punishment of fitness and workout areas and protect your existing floors and equipment. They're ideal for use in weight rooms, exercise or cardio areas, and circuit or performance training areas. Unlike traditional 1x1 mats, Zebra Puzzle Gym Mats are easier to handle or relocate, lower in odor and more colorful and don't move, separate or come apart like others due to their clever puzzle feature. Zebra Weight Room Puzzle Tiles stand up to the punishment of fitness and wo...

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