Puzzle Mats

Puzzle Mats

Great economical way to cover your floor!

Zebra Puzzle Mat for Martial Arts area a great and economical way to cover and protect your floor. The new and improved mat gives better cushioning as well as superior contact grip. Zebra Puzzle Mats come in two convenient thicknesses, 25mm for stand up martial arts such as Taekwondo and Karate etc, as well as 40mm for some Grappling Arts.

The all new re-design has also helps to reduce mat burn. The new topcoat is also easier and faster to clean helping to reduce your cleaning time by allowing mops and cleaners to easily glide over its soft smooth surface.

25mm Zebra Puzzle Mats are finished off in a smooth non-textured finish and come in 4 different reversible colours Blue/Red and Black/Wood-grain to give your club or academy the best looking and training surface possible.

The Zebra 40mm Puzzle mats are finished off in a flat Tatami texture which gives better foot contact and reduces friction while ground working. Available in 6 different colours Blue/Red, Yellow/Green and Black/Grey.

Custom colours can be ordered. Give us a call and ask how to order custom colours to suit your club.

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